Ambidextrous God Scripture reveals that Ruth was no near the Messianic lineage but God brought her into the scene. This guy called Obededom was also sitting his somewhere but God brought him to an ark and that prospered this guy until further notice [2 Sam 6:11-12] ; this is the ambidextrous power of God. His both hands, right and left, works marvelously. This is where one could just ask oneself where from this escape? I didn't know I would be favored this way. Can I shock you? If you're to depend on only the right hand of God, you may not qualify for any blessings because God's right-hand works justice. But the left-hand deals with grace, unmerited substances, etc. So instead of praying for only the right hand of God, pray for His ambidextrous power, so that whether deserved or undeserved, merited or unmerited, qualified or unqualified, pure or impure, righteous or disobedient, Today I speak prophetically into your life, whether deserved or undeserved, merited or


Preachers  Preachers are not super humans. Preachers are prone to every sinful bait that happens to all men. Preachers preach so that their preaching can preach to them also. They encourage so that they can be encouraged as well. They motivate to be motivated also. So Paul would say, Instead, I discipline my body and bring it under strict control, so that after preaching to others, I myself will not be disqualified. (1 Cor 9:27). So Preachers do not preach just because they know more than the listeners, neither because they are more qualified than the listeners nor more perfect than the listeners. However, Preachers must know and do better. As a Preacher, you must practice what you preach and live your talks. You don't just preach for others and relax somewhere. Whatever sermon you preach must be a command you must obey as well. You must discipline yourself after you have preached a subject because there is a high possibility of falling to that sermon and the devil can s

Picky and Choosy Association

Picky and Choosy Association Pt. 1                         It's obvious to tell one's future by the kind of friends he/she has. You are the average of the seven friends you associate with most. The kind of  associations you keep can lift or limit you in life. They can build or break you. People with mediocre values cannot help you achieve anything great. Not to say look down upon the less privileged or the poor, but surround yourself with light-bringers, world movers, people who would give you pressure to be  the best version of you...                         Your destiny is so important to waste it around people who can't add any value to it. Some people might have finished their assignment in your life, be bold to move on with or without them, giving them the credit they deserve. So much of your  success may be determined by the people around  you, so be choosy in selecting your team.                                                                             


Lesson Learnt No wonder the Bible tells us to go to the ant and learn her ways. [Prov 6:6]. We, especially the head of the nation should now learn our lessons. Thank God for the many prayers offered on 25/3/2020. I believe God has healed every aspect of our land including our head [Isa 1:5].    Our leaders,  I humbly ask that you pick lessons from COVID-19. If investing in our local health facilities, educational systems, roads, etc, was a mirage to you, now fixing them must be a necessity to you all. Now that international doors are closed, would you still fly outside for medical care, better education, etc.? You have no option than to use the ones we have, good or bad regardless. I humbly appeal to you all, commit to developing Ghana, so we can all enjoy Ghana, especially in moments like. May this be a lesson to us all. Amen


WAKE UP Scripture tells us to redeem the days because the days are evil. [Eph 5:16-17]. People of Ghana and the world, let’s be wise and know the Lord’s will in our current situation. This period is not for careless living, both physically and spiritually.  Physically, there are several preventive measures recommended by the various health ministries; social distancing, personal hygiene, self-quarantine, etc. Follow these. Spiritually, we are also preaching that we use this period to draw closer to God Almighty. This period is not meant for any sort of sinful or evil deeds; sexual immorality, prayerlessness or irregular Bible-study, corruption, unforgiveness, hatred, etc.  This period must be a season of total repentance, consecration and dedication of our bodies, spirits, and souls to God Almighty. Just decide that should the Messiah return now, you will be raptured with Him. Let’s wise up brethren. God will surely intervene.


SECRET SINS           By secret sins, I mean rationalizing and bathing in sins that weigh us down as Christians. Oftentimes, we hide in the dark, bath in sins and leave them unconfessed, thinking nobody has seen us. If nobody saw you, please be reminded, God is omnipresent. “Psalms 90:8” says “Thou hast set our iniquities before thee, our secret sins in the light of thy countenance”.  “Ecclesiastes 12:14” also says, “For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing,  whether it be good or whether it be evil.”      Christians today, hide our sins and quickly condemn other  people's known secret sins; it just a matter of time, the night will be spent and the day will expose every secret sin. We have no cause as  Christians to rationalize and bath in any secret sin.          Today, the Lord is sending this teaser to all Christians, to awake out of our sleep, to cast of the works of darkness [secret sins] and  advisedly put on the armor of light. Christ shal